What is a Starter Pack?

Your SIM card and information pack.
The SIM Card Starter Pack may or may not have preloaded credit on it.

What is a Starter Pack tariff?

Starter Pack Tariff means tariff rates which are charged on a starter pack until First Top-Up is credited to the SIM Card; thereafter the Standard Tariff will apply on the entire remaining Credit.

How much credit is preloaded on Starter Packs?

If your Starter Pack has preloaded credit, it should be clearly marked on your Starter Pack.

If your Starter Pack does not specify a credit amount, then it’s most likely that it does not contain any preloaded credit.

How can I check whether there is any preloaded credit?

Insert your new Delight mobile SIM into the mobile and dial *902# followed by the call key.

I got a new Delight Starter Pack. What tariff am I on?

You will be on our Starter Pack tariff until you make your first top-up.

If your Starter Pack has no preloaded credit

The moment you top up your tariff will automatically switch to our Regular / Standard tariff.

If you have purchased a Starter Pack with preloaded credit

We recommend you to top up your SIM right away to switch to our Regular tariff.

What will happen to my starter pack credit when I top up?

You will not lose any credit. Standard tariff will apply to all your credit (unused credit + new).