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All in one

You don't want to have to decide between international calls and mobile data?

In that case, the All in One bundles by Delight are exactly what you're looking for.
Domestic and international minutes, mobile data and SMS in one bundle grant you the freedom to decide yourself how you stay in touch - starting at only €9,90!

Choose one of the packages and enjoy without contractual obligations.
Bundles Austria & International Destinations National SMS Data Validity To buy dial
All in One €9,90 500 Mins* & 1000 International Minutes 1000 5GB 30 days *3124#
All in One €14,90 1000 Austria Mins* & 1000 International Minutes 1000 15GB 28 days *3090#
All in One €24,90 2000 Austria Mins* & 2000 International Minutes 1000 20GB 28 days *3091#
Terms and Conditions: 
  • To check the remaining allowance, dial *3900#.
  • This offer is only for Austria PAYG Delight Mobile customers.
  • All the special online exclusive offers apply to SIM bought online from 29th October 2015.
  • You may only buy one “All In One” bundle at a time.
  • Promotional credit (credit which Delight Mobile has given to customers for free) or airtime credit (credit received through credit transfer) cannot be used to buy an “All In One” Bundle.
  • “All In One” Bundles are valid from the date of activation or renewal and have to be used within 4 weeks. Unused units will be lost.
  • ** Each minute will be deducted twice, when the customer calls to Pakistan Mobilink operator. (For example if you spend an hour on the phone you will lose two hours worth of minutes.)
  • * All in One Bundle - Calls to International Destinations are subject to 400 Min.
  • If you exceed the bundle allowance you will be charged the Standard Tariff.
  • 1000 SMS has a restriction of 100 SMS per day.
  • Standard rate will be applied beyond 100 SMS.
  • If you exceed the “All In One” Bundle limit, you’ll pay our standard Pay As You Go rates.
  • Units cannot be used while roaming or for calls to premium rate numbers, shared numbers or other special numbers.
  • Data cannot be used to tether your phone to other devices.
  • Delight Mobile reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and the conditions at any time.
  • Allowances & validity: Allowances are valid for 4 weeks from the date of purchase. Any remaining allowance after 4 weeks will not be carried over into the next 4 week period. Customers who, before the expiration of the 4 weeks period, opt for different bundles within the same bundle group, shall lose the possibly leftover allowance of the former bundle, being granted of the allowance relevant to the newly opted bundle for the next 4 weeks period.
  • Call Credit transfer amount cannot be used to purchase any Bundle(s).
Note: Terms & Conditions – Unlimited National and International minutes are fair usage of 5000 national minutes and 1000 International minutes.

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